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CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics - Premium Waterproof Seat Covers

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Searching for Waterproof Seat Covers?

The new Cordura Series is one of the best waterproof seat covers you can buy.

There are two types you can choose from:

Cordura Seat Covers – Classic 500D Nylon

1. Northwest manufactures Classic Cordura Seat Covers using their versatile 500 Denier Nylon fabric.
When you’re looking for waterproof seat covers, you want an easy install, a great looking seat cover and top notch performance.
The 500 Denier offers the best of all worlds; The Northwest version of the fabric is not rough against your skin. The surface is smooth to the touch, the fabric is not too heavy, it really is much easier to install and looks better than the 1000 denier version of a Cordura seat cover fabric. As for how well the Classic Cordura 500D fabric performs, it is truly superior. Northwest tweaked the performance level of the fabric to include 3 levels of waterproofing, so if you’re looking for waterproof seat covers for your Car, Truck or Jeep Wrangler, this is one of the best decisions you can make.

Consumer Note:
Cordura Seat Covers made of 1000 Denier Nylon are not the best choice for seat cover protection.
The fabric is so stiff, with no give, and the covers weigh more than 90% of all the covers for sale.
Lastly, the covers are usually very tight to install and could compress your original seat foam, so if you ever remove them for washing the original upholstery could be compressed and wrinkled.

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Pro-Gard™ Seat Covers – The Alternative to Carhartt Seat Covers

2. Northwest worked with the Cordura Team and their Authorized Fabric Mill to develop a New Version of the Award Winning CORDURA® NYCO Fabric.
Due to the popularity of Carhartt Seat Covers and their basic cotton canvas fabric, we wanted to improve upon its performance.

Cordura Brand vs. Carhartt Brand

We knew that the Cordura Brand would be a good match for the Carhartt brand, after all Carhartt workwear products were made using CORDURA® Fabrics.
The big difference is Carhartt is the front line name, while Cordura often takes a back seat because it is incorporated into different products as a fabric.

Cordura’s 3 Layers of Waterproofing vs. Carhartt 1 layer Water Resistance

The second thing we looked at was the fabric used for Carhartt Seat Covers. It appeared to be a 10oz basic cotton duck canvas with a water resistant protective layer on the top of the fabric. As anyone who has ever bought a ski jacket can tell you, once the top coating of water repellant protection rubs off - you lose the water resistance.
We wanted to ensure that Northwest customers were going to get Premium Value when they purchased our Pro-Gard™ Seat Covers, so we included the basic DWR (Durable Water Repellant) top coating and added an inner waterproof layer plus a polyurethane back coating to ensure that water would not transfer through the seat covers onto a client’s original auto upholstery.

Pro-Gard™ Seat Covers were designed to be an alternative to the popular Carhartt Seat Covers.
To successfully do that we enlisted the expertise of the folks at Cordura and their knowledge supplying large global brands such as The North Face®, Eddie Bauer®, Dickies Pro™ and the U.S. Military etc. The performance results for waterproof seat covers, abrasion, comfort, fit and ease of install will provide customers looking for real cotton seat covers another choice. Treat yourself or someone you know to a great set of waterproof seat covers that are guaranteed to perform at military levels.

Northwest Cordura Fabrics


When we first consider a fabric we always look at the Wyzenbeek test results.

This is also known as the double rub test. This is a durability test that was developed by 20th century inventor Andrew Wyzenbeek. A piece of automotive fabric is placed on top of a half-cylinder covered in a #8 cotton duck fabric. The half-cylinder then rocks back and forth simulating, in this case, the action of someone sliding into his car seat and sliding out. This is one double rub.

UV Protection

The second factor we look at is UV light protection. After many test samples, we decided to include a grade 3.5 UV light protective coating (200 hrs). The fabric will still fade over time but, at a much slower rate. Grade 1 coatings leave fabric feeling very natural but, with almost no protection, the color black would turn to brown in one year. Grade 5 coating does a very good job for protection but, makes the fabric quite stiff. Outdoor furniture is often receive grade 4.0 – 5.0 coatings.

Flammability & Safety

The third consideration is flammability. Our fabrics are FR coating and depending on the style of fabric they’ll pass either the FMVSS302 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) or CPAI 84 Sections 5 and 6.


The fourth aspect we take into consideration is a fabric’s ability to provide waterproof protection. Most of our fabrics offer high water repellency or are waterproof. Just as with outerwear, at some point due to normal use, the effectiveness of a fabric’s ability to repel water will diminish. You can restore the fabric by either spraying Scotchgard on our O.E fabrics or a DWR (Durable Water Repellant) on any of our others.

HD Designs

Technology has really changed what we can do with fabrics. A good example of that is the family of camouflage fabrics we offer. Realtree, Mossy Oak, and Fishouflage all require as many as 10 screens to produce the camo seat cover patterns we all love.

Our fabrics really shine in HD because of the quality of the image when using heat transfer paper and the fact that we use durable 600 denier polyester fabrics.