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  • Best 3X-Waterproof Covers
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  • 3X Tougher than 100% Cotton
  • Pet Friendly
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  • Best 3X-Waterproof Covers
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  • 100% Cordura 6,6 Nylon Fibers
  • Pet Friendly
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Northwest Seat Covers - Fabric Comparison Guide

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Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty
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Water Resistance Best Best OK N/A Very Good Very Good N/A Best Best OK Very Good
Fabric Strength Best Best Very Good Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Good Good Good Very Good
Wear Resistance Best Best Very Good Very Good Very Good Good Best Best Good Good Very Good
Soft Touch Good Best Good Best Good Good N/A Good Best Very Good Good
Snag Resistant Best Best Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good N/A Best Very Good Very Good Very Good
Breathability - Ventilated N/A N/A Good Best Good Good Very Good N/A N/A Good Good
Stain Resistant Best Good Good Good Good Very Good Best Very Good Good Good Very Good
Care - Machine or Hand Machine Machine Machine Machine Machine Machine Hand Hand Hand Hand Machine


The teams from Cordura, Northwest and their Authorized Fabric Mill worked together to develop a new version of the award winning CORDURA® NYCO Fabric. The popularity of Carhartt Seat Covers with its basic cotton canvas style fabric, inspired the Northwest Team to introduce a Cordura seat cover with improved performance compared to the generic cotton duck weave material.

Having previously worked with CORDURA to create an advanced version of the Classic 500 Denier Nylon fabric, we were confident that we could achieve the same excellent results for a dynamically improved cotton canvas waterproof seat cover fabric.

We established a performance benchmark by physically testing and documenting performance results. With that, we were able to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a regular cotton duck fabric with a DWR top-coating and PU under-coating.

What is Cordura Fabric?

Problem #1

The competitor's cotton duck fabric was bumpy and roughly textured. Making it uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time, especially when touching bare skin in shorts or a skirt.

Solution #1

We selected a compressed basket weave design that offered a nice soft feel, was comfortable to sit on and promoted top surface air circulation. Imagine your favorite pair of denim jeans, this is the type of fabric that would be super comfortable for a road trip or weekend getaway while also standing up to the rigors of the workweek.

Problem #2

Cotton Duck customer reviews express a lot of dissatisfaction with the Install, Fit and Production Time of the seat covers.

Solution #2

Working with the Fabric Team at Cordura, we knew that their expertise would be invaluable in providing solutions that guaranteed that our Pro-Gard Cordura seat covers installed easily and fit really well. To do so, we incorporated a special dynamic yarn that reduced installation time by 20% and enhanced the appearance of the seat covers after a successful install experience.

Production time has never been an issue with Northwest Seat Covers. In fact, Northwest is an Industry Leader in turning orders around in 2-4 business days and shipping via UPS + Tracking.

To guarantee peace of mind for all Pro-Gard Cordura seat cover purchases, we insisted on using Cordura's Advanced 6.6 Nylon Technology to offer a seat cover that is 300% stronger than simple cotton - it doesn't get much better than that!

Problem #3

The competitor's cotton duck fabric was mildly effective at providing some water resistance, but failed to offer high performance waterproof protection. The cotton duck fabric was exposed to moderate rain and we even spilled a soft drink on the seat cover. Within seconds both the rain water and soft drink were starting to penetrate and soak completely through the cotton duck fabric.

Solution #3

Northwest Seat Covers has its headquarters in the Pacific Northwest, so we know how important it is to protect your belongings from the rain. We discovered early in the company's history that high quality waterproof seat covers could be a big hit if we had a technologically advanced fabric from Cordura and incorporated the best waterproof technology that we could find.

Northwest Cordura Fabrics

Cordura Waterproof Seat Covers vs. Water Resistant Canvas Seat Covers

The competitor's fabric appears to be a 10oz basic cotton duck canvas with a water resistant protective spray on top of the fabric. As anyone who has ever bought a ski jacket can tell you, once the top coating of water repellant protection rubs off - you lose the water resistance. Northwest seat cover customers receive Premium Value when they purchase our Pro-Gard™ Cordura Seat Covers.
Pro-Gard seat covers feature 3X waterproof protection and are 300% stronger than cotton canvas seat covers. This ensures your original seats are protected from spilled liquids and will perform at the highest level - CORDURA® USA!


Pro-Gard™ Seat Covers were designed to be an alternative to Carhartt Seat Covers.
To successfully do that we enlisted the expertise of the folks at Cordura and their knowledge supplying large global brands such as The North Face®, Eddie Bauer®, Dickies Pro™ and the U.S. Military. The performance metrics we assess for our waterproof seat covers include resilience to abrasion, comfort, fit, and ease of installation. These benchmarks give customers who are in the market for authentic cotton duck canvas seat covers another worthy alternative to consider. Whether it's a treat for yourself or a gift for someone else, these waterproof seat covers are guaranteed to meet the highest standards of durability and functionality, equivalent to military-grade performance!


Cordura fabric's high-quality structure and strong fibers allow it to excel in durability tests like the Wyzenbeek test. Through simulated abrasive actions, Cordura demonstrates remarkable resilience, making it a preferred choice for car and truck seat covers. Its capacity to withstand wear and tear ensures these covers last longer while retaining their visual appeal, offering an ideal balance of function and style.

UV Protection

In crafting our Cordura seat covers, UV light protection is of paramount importance. Following thorough testing, we employ a grade 3.5 UV protective coating, ensuring up to 200 hours of protection and significantly slowing the fabric fading process. While grade 1 coatings provide a natural feel but minimal protection and grade 5 coatings yield excellent protection but a stiff fabric, our chosen grade 3.5 offers a balance. This guarantees Cordura seat covers retain color and durability without sacrificing comfort.

Flammability & Safety

Flammability is a critical factor in our Cordura seat covers. The Cordura fabrics are treated with a Fire-Resistant (FR) coating, meeting either the FMVSS302 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) or CPAI 84 Sections 5 and 6, depending on the fabric style. This ensures a high level of safety against fire hazards.


Waterproofing is another vital characteristic of our Cordura seat covers. Most fabrics we use are either highly water-repellent or entirely waterproof. However, over time and with regular use, the fabric's water-repelling effectiveness may lose its effectiveness. This can be restored by applying Scotchgard to our O.E fabrics or a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) to our other types.

HD Designs

Advancements in technology have revolutionized fabric possibilities, evident in our range of camouflage fabrics such as Realtree, Mossy Oak, and Moonshine. Producing these intricate camo seat cover patterns necessitates up to 10 screens. Our fabrics stand out due to the superior image quality achieved through heat transfer paper on durable 600 denier polyester fabrics, enhancing the visual appeal of our Cordura seat covers.

Reviews: See What Our Customers Have to Say

Average rating: 299 reviews

  • Paul
    Whitehorse , YT
    northwest seat covers verified reviews

    Received the covers in less than a week and they fit perfectly

    Needed new covers for my 99 Super Duty and found NW. They had the design I needed and their turnaround was very fast. Received the covers in less than a week and they fit perfectly. Easy install, great materials and the price was very reasonable for the package. And made in Canada too! Highly recommended NW.

  • Jerry Bruske
    Custer, WI
    northwest seat covers verified reviews

    When I received these seat covers I was VERY PLEASE with the quality and looks of them...

    When I received these seat covers I was VERY PLEASE with the quality and looks of them.... and even MORE SO after I installed them in my 2020 Chevrolet 2500 HD Double Cab. They were a perfect snug fit! Definitely will keep Northwest Seat Covers in mind for my next seat cover order.

  • Dawn Reilly
    St. Clair Shores, MI
    northwest seat covers verified reviews

    I didn’t know how essential seat covers were until I got my Northwest Seat Covers.

    I didn’t know how essential seat covers were until I got my Northwest Seat Covers. As a professional sailor, I now can jump into my car after the gym without worry or even in full foul weather gear after racing offshore. They fit perfectly and are comfortable in all extremes.

  • Stephanie Gordon
    Columbus, OH
    northwest seat covers verified reviews

    I saw your waterproof video and that was enough to convince me.

    I drive the neighborhood kids to soccer practice in our Tahoe, so I wanted seat covers for the 2nd and 3rd row seats. I saw your waterproof video and that was enough to convince me. Bought a couple of Pro-Gard seat covers and am very pleased with the installed product.