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Neoprene Seat Covers for Cars and Trucks

Neoprene seat covers offer the comfort of neoprene material with waterproof durability and the toughness to handle everyday wear and tear. Choose your fabric below:

  • Best 3X-Water Resistance Covers
  • Abrasion > 100k Double Rubs
  • Safe Non-Toxic & No Rubber Smell
  • Pet Friendly
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  • 1X-Water Resistant Covers
  • Snag-Proof & Durable
  • High Comfort Level
  • Pet Friendly
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Northwest Seat Covers - Fabric Comparison Guide

Cool Sport
Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty
Saddle Blanket
Heavy Duty
Price $$$ $$$ $ $$ $$$ $$$ $ $ $$ $$ $$$
Water Resistance Best Best OK N/A Very Good Very Good N/A Best Best OK Very Good
Fabric Strength Best Best Very Good Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Good Good Good Very Good
Wear Resistance Best Best Very Good Very Good Very Good Good Best Best Good Good Very Good
Soft Touch Good Best Good Best Good Good N/A Good Best Very Good Good
Snag Resistant Best Best Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good N/A Best Very Good Very Good Very Good
Breathability - Ventilated N/A N/A Good Best Good Good Very Good N/A N/A Good Good
Stain Resistant Best Good Good Good Good Very Good Best Very Good Good Good Very Good
Care - Machine or Hand Machine Machine Machine Machine Machine Machine Hand Hand Hand Hand Machine

Selecting the Best Neoprene Style Fabric

Neoprene is one of the most popular seat cover fabrics because they are a popular lifestyle fabric. Popularized by the Southern California surf culture, the Neoprene fabric was originally the only option for waterproof materials. Since then, it has developed as one of the most popular choices for waterproof seat covers over the last 50 years. It is versatile, durable, and comfortable, while still looking good in just about every type of vehicle. Our Neoprene car seat covers are the ideal for families with kids that are constantly making messes, because it’s easy to clean large spills. Neoprene truck seat covers work great on trucks that need protection, even if you aren’t on a work site. But no matter what vehicle you drive, you’ll get a high-quality cover that’s built to take on all of life’s messes.

At Northwest Seat Covers, we offer two different Neoprene fabrics you can choose from: NeoSupreme and the New Neo-Ultra. These two fabrics represent the evolution of the Neoprene seat cover, each providing their own unique features and protection.


Neo-Ultra™ is the latest step in the evolution of Neoprene materials. Designed by the Northwest Seat Covers team, we set out to create a fabric that included all of the benefits of the Neoprene fabric, but without some negative aspects from previous generations. We wanted to create a waterproof seat cover that felt exactly like the original Neoprene, but a healthier version. We eliminated the toxic rubber by using higher-quality materials that wouldn’t emit harmful toxins into your vehicle. The result was the Neo-Ultra fabric that is completely waterproof, non-toxic, has higher abrasion resistance with a special anti-snag surface, all while providing the original comfort of Neoprene. They work great in cars, but are also durable enough for SUVs and even tough enough for some medium duty work trucks.


NeoSupreme is the second step in the evolution of Neoprene, and was developed as a more cost-effective version of the original Neoprene seat cover. NeoSupreme improved as an ultra-comfortable option, but does not offer the same level of water-resistance, due to the elimination of CR or SBR rubber. However, NeoSupreme is still incredibly durable, and if a cushy look is what you’re looking for, then NeoSupreme seat covers are a good economical option.

Why Our Neoprene Seat Covers Beat the Competition

Custom-Made for the Perfect Fit

Our Neoprene series is custom-made for your specific make and model of car, truck, or SUV, so you will always have a seat cover that fits like a glove. Our products won’t bunch up when you get in and out of your vehicle, are easy to install, and they’ll always fit like the originals.


All of our fabrics undergo the Wyzenbeek test, also known as the double rub test. This durability test measures how a fabric holds up to constant wear and tear. Our covers can withstand 250,000 double rubs, meaning that the Neoprene material will hold up for years, no matter how many times you get in and out of your vehicle.

UV Protection

We included a Grade 3.5 UV light protective coating in all of our seat covers. This protects the Neoprene material for up to 200 hours of exposed UV rays before it starts to fade. You won’t have to worry about your seat covers fading right away, because they’re built to last the life of your vehicle.

Flammability & Safety

All of our fabrics are put through rigorous safety testing to ensure that you are protected in your vehicle. The Neoprene material is lined in flame retardant (FR coating) and is side airbag compatible, no matter what kind of car you drive. They are all custom-made to pass either the FMVSS302 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) or CPAI 84 Sections 5 and 6.


Most of our fabrics offer high water repellency or are completely waterproof, but it is especially important to make this distinction on the Neoprene series. The Neo-Ultra was built to get the Neoprene back to full waterproof status, just as the Neoprene was originally designed.

HD Designs

Technology has really changed what we can do with fabrics. Our fabrics really shine in HD because of the quality of the image when using heat transfer paper and the fact that we use durable 600 denier polyester fabrics. All of our Neoprene seat covers come in a variety of color styles in both single colors and multiple colors, so you’ll be able to find the color perfect for your vehicle.

Neoprene seat covers are a style of seat cover for cars and trucks that were originally designed as waterproof materials that were utilized by the surfing community. Over time, the automotive industry has taken the concept and run with it, creating water-resistant seat covers that are comfortable for cars, trucks, and SUVs.
The original Neoprene materials are technically waterproof, but they smell like rubber tires. The latest generation of Neoprene seat covers, the Neo-Ultra, has no smell, is completely waterproof, anti-UV, and will protect your seats from a wide variety of damage and spills.
The Neoprene material doesn’t get as hot as other materials like leather. It has different heat-deflection qualities that will keep your seat cool in the summer months. With our NeoSupreme and Neo-Ultra covers, we were able to maintain the temperature quality to be just as good as the original Neoprene.
The original Neoprene seat covers were made from a toxic rubber that would emit harmful toxins into your vehicle over time. Our Neo-Ultra seat cover removed the toxic rubber while still keeping the same look and feel of the original Neoprene and is a higher-quality Neoprene seat cover that is completely waterproof and extremely comfortable.
Neoprene seat covers are very easy to clean, and for small spills, you can simply wipe the seat cover clean with a wet cloth. For larger spills, you can remove the seat cover completely from your car or truck and hand wash in cool water with mild detergent and hang dry. For details, read our resource on how to clean seat covers.

Reviews: See What Our Customers Have to Say

Average rating: 299 reviews

  • Paul
    Whitehorse , YT
    northwest seat covers verified reviews

    Received the covers in less than a week and they fit perfectly

    Needed new covers for my 99 Super Duty and found NW. They had the design I needed and their turnaround was very fast. Received the covers in less than a week and they fit perfectly. Easy install, great materials and the price was very reasonable for the package. And made in Canada too! Highly recommended NW.

  • Jerry Bruske
    Custer, WI
    northwest seat covers verified reviews

    When I received these seat covers I was VERY PLEASE with the quality and looks of them...

    When I received these seat covers I was VERY PLEASE with the quality and looks of them.... and even MORE SO after I installed them in my 2020 Chevrolet 2500 HD Double Cab. They were a perfect snug fit! Definitely will keep Northwest Seat Covers in mind for my next seat cover order.

  • Dawn Reilly
    St. Clair Shores, MI
    northwest seat covers verified reviews

    I didn’t know how essential seat covers were until I got my Northwest Seat Covers.

    I didn’t know how essential seat covers were until I got my Northwest Seat Covers. As a professional sailor, I now can jump into my car after the gym without worry or even in full foul weather gear after racing offshore. They fit perfectly and are comfortable in all extremes.

  • Stephanie Gordon
    Columbus, OH
    northwest seat covers verified reviews

    I saw your waterproof video and that was enough to convince me.

    I drive the neighborhood kids to soccer practice in our Tahoe, so I wanted seat covers for the 2nd and 3rd row seats. I saw your waterproof video and that was enough to convince me. Bought a couple of Pro-Gard seat covers and am very pleased with the installed product.