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Seat Covers for Dodge Ram pickup truck

Dodge Ram Seat Covers with
a 40/20/40 Split-Bench or Bucket Seats

With the release of the first Dodge D150 Truck, the selection of seats was fairly limited. From 1981 to 1993, you had a choice of a Solid Bench Seat, 50/50 Split-Back Bench (For accessing the rear seats of a Club Cab) and High Back Captain Seats with inboard armrests. The Rear Seat offerings included Club Cab Fold-Down Jump Seats behind the passenger and driver's seat and the Crew Cab featured a full sized bench seat.


Everything changed with Bob Lutz, who was partly responsible for the development of the BMW 3 Series and was poached by Lee Iacocca to join Chrysler in 1986; Lutz would become the Head of Global Product Development and start a design revolution that would influence design for more than 30 years. Chrysler was already on the road to change with a switch from traditional automotive design, using clay modelling, to 3D CAD Software.

Until Lutz’s arrival, the truck division was struggling and the plans for the next generation of Full-Size Truck were squashed in 1989 and a new aggressive 6 month timeline was given to the remaining members of the design team, headed by Phillip Payne to create a new fresh, bold look for Chrysler's new vehicles. The team drew inspiration from the late 1940s and early 50s Power Wagon to get away from the old boxy designs of the past.

At the time, Dodge was clinging to their measly little 7% market share of the U.S. truck market. Then, the All New 1994 Dodge Ram Truck was released and named Truck of the Year by Motor Trend magazine and sales jumped from 95,542 units in 1993 to 232,092 units in 1994 (+143%) and 410,000 through 1995 (+76%). That's Amazing! Success was in the details of Fully Reclining Seats, Larger Size Doors, a Competitive Engine and a New Grill and Body Design that would impact the auto industry and resonate for decades.

The 1994 Dodge changed the pickup truck market and seating by introducing the first 40/20/40 split-bench seat which allowed three passengers to sit up front in the first row. The “WS” offered a bench seat with built-in molded headrests, the "ST" trim package offered bucket seats for both the driver and passenger and a small little mini-seat between them; this was the first 40/20/40 bench seat. If only two occupants were in the vehicle, then the center seat backrest could be folded down to be used as a wide two piece arm rest that allowed the top lid to be opened and revealed additional storage within the actual console armrest. Unlike the ST with its sloping integrated headrest, the SLT Laramie package featured a Premium multi-colored woven fabric and a backrest that had a small molded non-adjustable headrest.

Dodge Ram truck Custom Seat Covers

Which Dodge D150 or RAM 1500 Model do you drive?

Dodge D150 from 1981-2009 & Ram 1500 from 2010-2022+
(6 Generations over 41 Years)

The Dodge D150 ½ Ton Pickup Truck was introduced for the 1981 model year and even featured the Ram / Goat hood ornament from 1933 Dodge Trucks. They really turned heads with the launch of "The New Dodge" 1994 redesigned pickup and inspired our design team to develop the first 40/20/40 bench seat covers.

In 2010, the Dodge nameplate was changed for RAM Trucks and Commercial Vehicles. To help with this transition, the "Grab Life by the Horns" campaign followed by "Guts Glory Ram" began to resonate with a slightly younger and more rural audience. Then in 2019, Ram Truck Sales jumped up to take 2nd Position for Best Selling Truck in America. Dodge Ram Seat Covers have followed this Up-Trend to become a Popular Best Seller throughout North America! Total U.S. sales of the Ram 1500 Truck from 2000 to 2020 was 8,252,994 units with an average of 393,000 units per year.

Available Dodge Ram 1500 Seat Covers for the Grouping Below:

1st Generation (1981 – 1993), 2nd Generation (1994-1997), 3rd Generation (1998 – 2001), 4th Generation (2002 – 2009), 5th Generation (2010 – 2018), 6th Generation (2019 – 2024)

Available RAM 1500 Cab Styles: Northwest sells Dodge Ram Seat Covers for the 1500 Regular Cab, Club Cab, Quad Cab, Crew Cab and Mega Cab


Available Dodge/Ram Trim Levels: Custom, Royale, SE, LT, ST, Laramie SLT, Rumble Bee, Hemi Sport, Tradesman, Express, Sport, Big Horn, Rebel, Longhorn, Limited etc.

Dodge Ram Limited Edition

Dodge D150 & RAM 1500 Seat Styles: Front Seats consist of Solid Bench Seat, 50/50 Split-Back Bench, Rear Fold-Down Jump Seats, High Buckets, Low Buckets with Headrests, High Back Captain Seats with Inner Arm Rests and 40/20/40 Bench Seats etc.

Vinyl Custom Seat Covers for Dodge Ram
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The 1986 Chrysler design team made a huge impact by adopting Advanced CAD software which shortened the Product Development Cycle time allowing the company to reduce the cost of introducing new models. The outdated boxy 1980 K-Platform was replaced by the new 1993 LH Series Platform which featured a cab-forward design creating a more spacious interior and of course the 1994 Award Winning Ram Pickup. These developments continue to influence new car designs even today.