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SUV Seat Covers: Select Your SUV

Custom SUV Seat Covers Built for Versatility and Safety

SUVs have grown in popularity over the last several years because of their ability to do just about anything. Featuring more trunk and cargo space than a regular sedan, they’ve become a great family vehicle, but also still maintain their original use of being a vehicle that handles the outdoors. Because they’re so versatile, the interior seats are susceptible to the wear and tear that comes with an active lifestyle. With SUV seat covers, you’ll never have to worry about ruining the interior of your vehicle, because we design our seat covers to protect you on your next adventure, whether it’s your next vacation across the country or your next carpool across town.

And because SUV owners use their vehicles for everything, we design our seat covers to handle everything. From dirt and mud to water and pet hair, there’s no mess that’s too big to handle. Simply wipe off the seats to clean your car quickly, or easily take the seat cover off and reinstall it for a deep clean that makes your SUV look good as new. You’ll never have to worry about it wearing down over time because we put our products through some of the harshest safety and durability tests in the industry. They’re built to withstand heavy usage with high double rub scores and will protect your interior from UV fading when exposed to sunlight. And no matter what make and model you own, side airbag protection is standard so you’ll always be safe on the road. No matter how you use your SUV, we’ll have the seat cover for you.

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Our selection of seat covers for SUVs is made up of five different styles of fabric, each designed for the protection that you need most. No matter what kind of SUV you drive, we’ll be able to get a custom seat cover that fits any style of seat.

  1. Cordura Series - Partnering with Cordura, our team developed the new Cordura® Nyco Seat Cover to be the most waterproof seat cover ever without sacrificing the comfort of the materials. The Pro-Gard provides three layers of waterproof protection with the ultimate comfort that’s soft to the touch. Perfect for families and everyday use.
  2. Neoprene Series - Our Neo-Ultra fabric is the evolution of the neoprene seat cover. Providing durability and comfort, the Neoprene series is easy to clean, anti-UV, and waterproof, giving it the ability to hold up against the toughest spills. It’s a great multi-purpose seat cover that protects SUV owners from a whole array of messes.
  3. Camo Series - Custom fitted to any make and model of SUV, you can choose from a selection of Realtree, Mossy Oak, Moonshine, and Bonz brand camo patterns. They’re water-resistant and can withstand the outdoor elements that come with camping and fishing.
  4. OEM Series - The OEM Series features 600 Denier accent fabric that provides high-quality water resistance and anti-UV protection. It was built for breathability, comfort, and for heavy-duty usage to withstand harsh work and outdoor conditions.
  5. Heavy Duty Series - The Heavy Duty series can handle the toughest messes, like mud, rain, and oil, and is available in multiple fabrics like leatherette vinyl, denier polyester, and saddle blanket. This is our classic selection of heavy-duty fabrics that are designed for work trucks, but are also available for SUVs.

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All of Northwest’s seat covers are hand stitched and custom fitted to your make, model, and year of SUV. This guarantees that you will be getting a seat cover that will not bunch up when you slide in and out of your vehicle and will be made with whatever fabric best fits your SUV and lifestyle.
Every material of fabric that we offer will fit the seats of any SUV. Whether you enjoy outdoor activities and prefer your style of camo seat covers, are looking for more protection from our heavy-duty seat covers, or want a seat cover that’s completely waterproof, we’ll have a fabric that suits your lifestyle and will protect the interior of your SUV.
The best seat cover for SUVs depends on how you use your vehicle. For everyday use, the Cordura series provides a very comfortable material, and with the Cordura Nyco, you’ll get the most waterproof seat cover on the market. Our Neoprene series is also waterproof and is very easy to clean, making it very multi-purpose and great for families who are constantly on the go.
All of our covers are machine washable, but you can clean seat covers for SUVs very easily with a wet cloth. For small spills, we recommend using a wet cloth to wipe away any dirt or liquid where it’s manageable to clean. For larger spills, we recommend machine washing because it will be more thorough. For details, read our resource on how to clean seat covers.
Installing the front seat covers starts by removing the headrest from the seat and inserting an S-clip into the hole where the headrest belongs. Next, you will apply the cushion to the seat and fasten it with straps and buckles, and then do the same for the backrest. Once the cushions are in place, you can add the cover to the headrest and reapply the headrest back to the seat. The backseat install will follow a similar process but will vary slightly depending on the type of seat in your SUV. See our seat cover installation guide for pictures and more details.