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Dog Car Seat Covers are the Best Back Seat Protector for Dog Hair

From $63.99 USD $79.99 USD
20% off
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From $63.99 USD $79.99 USD
20% off
+ Bonus at Checkout
From $63.99 USD $79.99 USD
20% off
+ Bonus at Checkout
From $63.99 USD $79.99 USD
20% off
+ Bonus at Checkout

Northwest Dog Car Seat Covers are your Best Choice

The Best Dog Seat Covers are manufactured by Northwest because we use of Genuine 600D x 600D Polyester fabric, our design features the correct sizing details for U.S. vehicles and Superior Stitch Strength for larger dog sizes and weight.

Our genuine 600 Denier x 600 Denier Polyester fabric has been time and wear tested by our industry clients for more than 10 years! This fabric is one of the most popular because of its heavy duty abrasion resistance and 2X Durable Water Repellent coating on the top and back side of the fabric.

We decided to replace the PVC backed materials used in competitor dog seat covers because over time, the PVC blisters and falls off of the fabric. Instead we substituted it with a Nylon Shell Material that would be easy to maintain and perform much better over the years.

Our design process considered the Width and Length to accommodate the Wider Seats in larger trucks and SUVs and the Length and the Location of the Straps that attach to the headrests. We wanted to ensure that customers purchased the best dog seat covers to protect their rear seats and we also wanted to sell a product that would provide dogs with comfort and security, even if they decided to lean up against the hammock section of the dog seat covers in a larger Crew Cab Pickup.

Lastly, to ensure adequate safety support, we used the same thread quality that is used with all of our Northwest Seat Covers. We selected the TEX-45 Polyester thread because it’s been able to withstand daily wear from various industries for more than a decade. In addition, we reinforced stitching in critical areas, especially the hammock area and seat belt openings. The Increased Strength of the Thread and Special Reinforcements in Critical Areas, were strategic decisions designed to accommodate larger 80lb+ dogs.

Vehicle Size

Northwest’s Dog Seat Covers are the Best for larger trucks and SUVs. American Vehicles are bigger with larger seats and a lot more interior room. We cover the width of large Rear Seats in a Ford F150, Chevy Silverado or Dodge Ram Crew or Extended Cab.

Northwest Dog Seat Covers measure 67" Long x 55" Wide. (10" Longer & 3" Wider).

Competitors’ Dog Car Seat Covers measure about 57" Long x 52” Wide.

Overseas Dog Car Seat Covers are too small to Fit American Full-Size Trucks or Mid-Size SUVs. Most imported covers are spec’d for their local market and not North America.

Dog Size

The Most Popular American Dogs tend to be somewhat larger than pet dogs in Asia and Europe. So, it only seems logical that you consider purchasing Larger and Stronger Dog Car Seat Covers for your Rear Seat.

Seriously, how would you feel if your Big Lab jumped onto the back seat and fell through the dog seat covers for your truck and onto the floor because they used cheap thread? So, why are dog owners buying Smaller and Weaker products from Amazon?

Nobody actually tested how compatible the overseas products would be with our larger vehicles and dogs.

U.S. vs. Overseas Dogs

When researching the Best Dog Seat Covers, you have to consider both the size of vehicle and size of Dog. The most popular Dogs in the U.S. are Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds. In America, the Average Height is about 25" with a weight of close to 75lbs.

By Contrast, Overseas dogs have an average height of 9” and weigh about 13lbs. (Pekingese, Shih Tzu, Shiba Inu etc.) Some of their bigger dogs are about 20” high and 40lbs.

Product Planning

We originally wanted to create a complimentary product for our Form-Fit Universal Seat Covers. It was supposed to be an exercise to design a rear bench seat cover that would fit cars, trucks and SUVs. During the design process, we realized that if we expanded the length of the Hammock area it could double-up as Dog Car Seat Covers.

We didn’t know anything about the Pet Category, but were curious about a crossover benefit between automotive and pets. We took the next step and decided to check-out dog seat cover on Amazon's Best Sellers List.

Amazon Fact Check

We started by looking at the Best Selling Dog Car Seat Covers on Amazon. We quickly discovered that this was a popular category, but it was flooded with a narrow range of low priced products. To fact check and understand the appeal of the $39.99 Dog Car Seat Covers, we checked Amazon's Reviews.

The negative reviews became a guideline for improvement and even included Customer Recommended Solutions to help us design the best product. (Thanks to everyone who posted Amazon Reviews; it really helped us design superior dog car seat covers)

Evaluating Amazon

We bought Amazon's Highest Rated Sellers from Kurgo, 4Knines, Starling’s and Active Pets to test-fit in a range of Trucks, SUVs and Sedans.

We realized they didn't consider U.S. Dog Sizes. The dimensions of their dog seat covers was a fit problem for larger vehicles. Their dog seat covers might be “OK” for a little Poodle or a Beagle, but never a Rottweiler!

They used lower quality thread that wasn't dog safe, they used a PVC backed fabric that would flake apart and our Atomic 600D x 600D polyester was superior to their 600D x 400D fabric.


Northwest Dog Seat Covers are Superior in:

  • Material Quality - True Abrasion Toughness and Durable Nylon Shell.
  • Design - Seat Belt Openings, Strap Locations and Reinforced Stitching for Larger Dogs.
  • Product Size - Made for Larger North American Vehicles and Wider Seats.
  • Thread Strength - TEX-45 Polyester used in our Custom Seat Covers.
  • Waterproofing X2 - DWR topcoat and PU undercoat.

Northwest Dog Car Seat Covers are your Best Choice for North American Vehicles and Larger U.S. Dogs. Why buy a cheap product that was never designed for the U.S. market.
With Northwest your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!