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Seat Covers for Nissan Titan pickup truck

Nissan Titan Seat Covers available for 60/40 Bench Seats

Northwest Seat Cover patterns are refreshed every time a vehicle manufacturer introduces mid-lifecycle changes or releases an All-New Redesigned Model. So, Nissan Titan Seat Covers for either the Light Duty or XD Heavy Duty Trucks are Guaranteed to Fit your vehicle because this is not a type of universal cover, but a true Custom Nissan Titan Seat Cover.

Nissan Titan Seat Cover Styles

The first generation Nissan Titan seat covers featured front bucket seats with Adjustable Head Rests. It also had one In-board recessed armrests per seat that tucked away into the side of the backrest. The passenger side backrest could be folded forwards, towards the front dash; this is the opposite of reclining the back rest. When folded forward, the hard plastic shell on the rear of the backrest became a table top that the driver could use for his laptop or write notes.

They also featured 40/20/40 Split Bench Seats with front seating for 3 passengers. When the middle section was not occupied, the “Backrest” could be folded down and used as a Storage Arm Rest with side-by-side built-in cup holders. This type of Bench Seat Cover included covers for 3 seating cushions, 2 backrests (Pass / Driver) and the middle seat backrest that was used as a storage console armrest plus the two headrests.

The Rear Bench Seat Covers for the Nissan Titan was actually a 60/40 split bench seat with fold-up cushions. The larger 60% side was on the passenger side while the smaller 40% side was behind the driver. The only variation was that it was available with or without a recessed rear arm rest with tandem dual cup-holders.

The New Nissan Titan Seat Covers for 2016-2023 models are very similar in style to the first generation except they eliminated the inner arms on the front bucket seats. The dual arm rests were replaced with a large full-size floor mounted console with a very large shared arm rest with underlid storage. The New 40/20/40 bench seat covers came with all of the seatcovers including the fold-down console arm rest with underlid storage and accessible cup holders. The rear bench seat covers were still split unevenly into a 60/40 configuration with or without the rear armrest and both models featured two headrests. The overall design was refreshed with a new look and upgraded material options.

Nissan Titan Truck Seats

Which Nissan Titan Model do you drive?

Nissan Titan – 2004-2022+ (2 Generations spanning 18 years)

The Nissan Titan, with its 2004 debut, is the late comer to the Full-Size truck market. The first version looked like a Big Brother version of the Nissan Frontier. As it approached its Redesign Cycle, Nissan engaged in talks with Ram to bolster its Powertrain Options and offer enhanced Cab Sizes, however with the 2008 / 2009 Financial Crisis and Chrysler’s Bankruptcy, it cast a cloud of doubt and the deal was terminated. In 2016, Nissan launched the All New Redesigned Titan, which received Industry Awards including Full-Size Truck of Texas Award! With that success, Randy Rodriguez, the Lead Designer on the project, was quickly hired away by Tesla to work on the EV Prototype of the Class 8 Semi-Truck.

The Titan Truck was discontinued in Canada for the 2022 Model Year, leaving only the New Nissan Frontier. By Contrast, the ’22 Nissan Titan is holding its own in the U.S. Market and possible cooperation with Hercules-EV of Detroit, MI for a New Electric Vehicle (EV) for 2025. Nissan Titan Seat Covers offer a Custom Fit that even accommodates the Passenger Side Fold-Flat Backrest.

The Total U.S. sales from 2005 – 2020 was 568,625 units, that is an average of 35,539 units per year.

Available Titan Seat Covers for the Generations Listed Below:

1st Generation (2004 – 2015), 2nd Generation (2016 – 2023)

Available Cab Styles for Nissan Titan Seat Covers: Single Cab, King Cab and Crew Cab.

Nissan Titan Single Cab

Available Trim Levels for Nissan Titan Seat Covers: S, SV, PRO-4X, SE, LE, SL, Platinum Reserve

Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve

Available Seat Styles for Nissan Titan Seat Covers: Front Seat Configurations include Standard Bucket Seats, Bucket Seats with inboard recessed arm rests and 40/20/40 Split Bench Seat with Fold-Down Console Arm Rest

40/20/40 Bench custom seat covers for Nissan Titan
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The Nissan Titan's little brother, the Nissan Frontier, has been making headlines all over North America by picking up awards for "Mid-Size Truck of Texas", "Best Off-Road Truck", "Best Medium Pick-Up Truck etc. With all of this attention, the team working on the Titan will be invigorated with creativity for the next versions of the Titan that include the New PRO-4X and Platinum Reserve and XD 4x4 Crew Cab editions which will continue to include 60/40 bench seats with both the backrests and cushions being split for more storage and seating options.