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Mojave Tactical Seat Back Organizer

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Mojave Tactical Seat Back Organizer
Mojave Tactical Seat Back Organizer
Mojave Tactical Seat Back Organizer
Mojave Tactical Seat Back Organizer
Mojave Tactical Seat Back Organizer
Mojave Tactical Seat Back Organizer
Mojave Tactical Seat Back Organizer
Mojave Tactical Seat Back Organizer

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Multi-Functional, Multi-Purpose Storage Kit For Trucks, Jeeps, Contractors


The Mojave Seat Back Organizer by SCC Northwest is a multi-functional 7-piece storage system, manufactured for safe and efficient storage inside your vehicle. This kit can be used for anything from camping, hiking, traveling, and leisure items, to work tools, hunting equipment, and fishing accessories. They’re sold as a 7-piece set which includes a large carrying pack, a medium waist pack, a medium-sized utility tool holder, a small belt pack, a compass holder, a mini flashlight holder, and the base rack. When you go travelling, you must take a lot of essential gear. How to store these gears and make them easy to reach. Northwest Tactical Seat Back Organizer provides a solution.

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The Military Grade Materials, Buckles, and Straps were selected based on feedback from the field.

  • Our Base Rack is what holds everything together. With the Stratified Molle System, you can customize how you want to set-up and organize the space in your Truck, Van, SUV or Car. It’s very easy to personalize your storage space the way you want it!!
  1. Mojave Bags that you can actually use; Large All-Purpose Utility Bag – Fits Mobile Devices, First Aid Essentials, Family Trail Snacks and Doggy Care products.
  2. The Medium Case is great for light walks or running some errands. It is neither too big nor too small – it can carry your phone, wallet and keys and any other essentials.
  3. The Medium Waist Pack is probably the most practical bag in our whole set. It offers a larger main storage area with separate zipped compartments for added security.
  4. The Mini-Hip-Pack is the perfect All-Round Compact storage system with 7 different compartments with a customizable tightening option – Great for Joggers.
  5. In true military tradition, we have the Compass Holder. It’s large and rugged enough to protect many styles of compasses.
  6. This was originally designed for a LED Flashlight, but we also realized that some of the more compact tools such as an Allen or Hex Key set fit nice and snug.

Comparison Challenge

A careful comparison with competing brands, will reveal the Added Value of our Mojave Truck, SUV and Car Storage Systems.

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7 Piece Storage Organizer for Work or Weekend travel with the kids.

The Mojave Storage system is a Premium Quality Auto Accessory that can also be used for all kinds of outdoor activities including,

Camping, Biking, Hiking, Weekend Getaways with Extra Storage for everyone.

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Add Extra Storage for your Car, Truck or SUV – Mojave Seat Back Organizer,

The Mojave seat back organizer is made of 600 Denier Polyester with Double Waterproof Coatings are included for extra protection.

We’ve also selected High-Performance Military Style Hardware for our strapping, webbing, and Heavy Duty Zippers. These added security features ensure that your personal belongings remain safe with you.

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Mojave Seat Back Organizers are more practical than the competition.

Mojave Automotive Backpacks are more useful and practical than competing products.

Each of your 6 Tactical Bags will be fully bar-tacked to accommodate the Popular Military Molle System. You can actually connect all 6 bags together like a modular backpack.

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Easy to Install

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Step 1. Wrap the strap at the top of the Base Rack around the bottom of the driver or passenger seat headrest and fasten the clip. Adjust strap to preferred tightness.

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Step 2. For optimum security, press the Velcro patches at the bottom end of the Base Rack against the lower part of the rear of your seat.

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Step 3. Slide the fastening clips on each individual pack through the small straps on the Base Rack. Fasten the buttons for a firm hold.

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Step 4. Organize and attach the individual packs as you please for your own convenience.

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  • Heavy Duty: Great storage accessory for Trucks, Jeeps, and Contractors
  • Made of tough 600 Denier Nylon with a PVC backing
  • Most of the packs feature a waterproof PVC inner backing
  • Medium Waist Pack and Large Case have 1.5" Wide Adjustable Shoulder Straps.
  • Packs and Cases have High-Quality #10 & #5 Nylon Coil Zippers
  • Tactical Style Ladder Slots
  • Professional Grade Matt Black Alloy Snaps
  • Metal and High Grade Plastic "D" Rings and Carabiner Style Clips

Care & Cleaning:

Machine Wash Gentle, Mild Detergent, Cool Air Dry

Fabric features

  • Anti-UV
  • Easy To Clean
  • Heavy Duty
  • Water Resistant
  • WorkPro Serie
  1. 600 Denier Nylon
  2. Most of the packs feature a waterproof PVC inner backing
  3. Medium Waist Pack and Large Case have 1.5” Wide Adjustable Shoulder Straps.
  4. Packs and Cases have High Quality #10 & #5 Nylon Coil Zippers
  5. The packs were sewn using strong Tex 70 Bonded Nylon Thread
  6. Reinforced Double Box-Stitching for Handles and Straps
  7. Special Bar-Tacks for the Polyester Webbing
  8. Tactical Style Ladder Slots
  9. Professional Grade Matt Black Alloy Snaps
  10. Metal and High Grade Plastic “D” Rings and Carabiner Style Clips
  • Base Rack
  • Large Case (12.0” L x 5.5” W x 8.5” H)
  • Medium Waist Pack (12.0” L x 5.5” W x 6.0” H)
  • Medium Case (8.5” L x 3.5” W x 5.25” H)
  • Mini Hip Pack (4.5” L x 3.0” W x 6.5” H)
  • Compass Pack (2.5” L x 2.5” W x 4.5” H)
  • Flashlight Holder (2.25” L x 1.5” W x 4.75” H)

Reviews: See What Our Customers Have to Say

  • northwest seat covers verified reviews
    Mill City, NE
    Got this for the back of the driver’s seat on my Ram. Fits well! Very useful for hunting season
  • northwest seat covers verified reviews
    Us, OH
    Exactly what I needed! Perfect for storage for your outdoor, tactical, or daily usage.
  • northwest seat covers verified reviews
    Virginia, VA
    On the whole, I really like the Mojave Tactical Front Seat Back Storage system. I could wish that the individual packs were a bit easier to install and remove, but I suppose that serves as a testament to the durability of the tactical straps. I received it a week before I left on a 2,200 mile journey to and from Virginia and it was perfect for storing odds and ends that usually would’ve been thrown together in one very disorganized gym bag. I bought a second one to give to my brother for Christmas since he’s an avid outdoorsman whose back seat is cluttered like mine USED to be.
  • northwest seat covers verified reviews
    Us, TX
    Super sturdy, fits 2021 Silverado Trail Boss Crew Cab perfectly. Only thing was installing the individual storage pieces took several tries to fit everything where I wanted. Plus, I highly recommend when installing storage pieces, slide straps through the seat-pad’s first row of choice and then slide through corresponding loops on back of actual storage piece, then continue with remaining loops on seat-pad. I didn’t even button my storage pieces because this method tightly secures pieces without sag.
  • northwest seat covers verified reviews
    Us, WY
    Impressed by the quality., built better than I had even hoped for, and was super easy to integrate my small Med pack into.
  • northwest seat covers verified reviews
    Us, WA
    The Mojave Tactical Front Seat Back Storage Bag fit in my vehicle perfectly. The item has plenty of storage