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Camo Seat Covers for Cars and Trucks

No matter what vehicle you drive or what brand of camo you prefer, Northwest Seat Covers has the seat cover for you. Choose your fabric below:

Mossy Oak custom seat covers
waterproof custom seat covers
  • Blades – Ultimate Waterfowl
  • Pink – Classic Break-Up Pink
  • Country – America’s #1 Camo
  • Obsession – NWTF Official Camo
Starting at $296.12 USD $394.83 USD
25% off
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Bonz™ custom seat covers
waterproof custom seat covers
  • 2X-High Water Resistance
  • 100% Total Camo – HD Print
  • UV Fade Resistant 1,000 Hrs
  • Wipe Clean or Machine Wash
Starting at $296.12 USD $394.83 USD
25% off
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Realtree custom seat covers
waterproof custom seat covers
  • AP Grey & AP Green – All-Purpose
  • Xtra Grey – 4-Season
  • Max-4 – Wetlands Open Terrain
  • Max-5 – Flooded Timber & Fields
Starting at $296.12 USD $394.83 USD
25% off
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Moonshine Camo custom seat covers
waterproof custom seat covers
  • Muddy Girl - #1 & 922k FB Followers
  • Serenity - The Teal Green Follow-up
  • Harvest Moon - #2 Best Seller
  • Undertow - Range of Blue Tones
Starting at $296.12 USD $394.83 USD
25% off
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Northwest Seat Covers - Fabric Comparison Guide

Cool Sport
Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty
Saddle Blanket
Heavy Duty
Price $$$ $$$ $ $$ $$$ $$$ $ $ $$ $$ $$$
Water Resistance Best Best OK N/A Very Good Very Good N/A Best Best OK Very Good
Fabric Strength Best Best Very Good Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Good Good Good Very Good
Wear Resistance Best Best Very Good Very Good Very Good Good Best Best Good Good Very Good
Soft Touch Good Best Good Best Good Good N/A Good Best Very Good Good
Snag Resistant Best Best Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good N/A Best Very Good Very Good Very Good
Breathability - Ventilated N/A N/A Good Best Good Good Very Good N/A N/A Good Good
Stain Resistant Best Good Good Good Good Very Good Best Very Good Good Good Very Good
Care - Machine or Hand Machine Machine Machine Machine Machine Machine Hand Hand Hand Hand Machine

Camo Seat Cover Fabrics for Any Vehicle

The camouflage line of fabrics is represented by some industry heavy hitters who played a vital role in establishing the outdoor lifestyle category. Camo truck seat covers are extremely popular for the hardcore outdoorsmen who fish, hunt, and camp, while camo car seat covers are perfect for those who enjoy the look of camo and want to add a cool look to their vehicle.

But no matter your vehicle or style, you’ll be guaranteed a glove-like fit that holds up against all of life’s adventures. All of our seat covers use the classic 600 denier polyester as the base material, and are equipped with a DWR (Durable Water Repellant) Top-Coat and Polyurethane Under-Coat for fabric strength and additional waterproof protection. The crisp HD look of the fabric is due to the high quality heat transfer printing process. It allows layers of lifelike images to be superimposed to create a camo print with a 3D-type effect for depth.

Learn more about the camo brands that are featured on our seat covers and choose the camo pattern that is right for you.

  1. Mossy Oak is a Mississippi-based company that was established in 1986 by Toxey Haas. Our current line-up of offerings includes Break-Up, Sport Break-Up, Break-Up Country, Break-Up Country Sport, Blades, Sport Blades, Mountain Country Range, Obsession, Obsession Sport, Pink, and Break-Up Pink. We keep some spare yardage of The Original Bottomland, but it’s only available as a special request. Our most popular Mossy Oak Seat Covers is Break-Up Country, but all of them look great in both cars and trucks.
  2. Realtree is a Georgia-based company established in 1986 by Bill Jordan, but we started our camo adventure with Realtree in 2005. We currently offer MAX-4, Sport MAX-4, MAX-5, Sport MAX-5, AP Grey, Sport AP Grey, AP Green, Sport AP Green, Extra Grey, and Extra Grey Sport. Realtree seat covers are popular amongst hunters as the premier camo seat cover for trucks. Our best sellers include the MAX-4, MAX-5 and AP Grey.
  3. Moonshine Camo is a Pennsylvania-based company that was established around 2010 by Travis and Todd Mattern, and Hadley Development in Witchita, Kansas announced its acquisition of Moonshine in January 2020. Northwest Seat Covers started working with Moonshine in 2013 to Launch Muddy Girl seat covers into the automotive space. They offer a “sticks and leaves” style pattern but with bold bright shades of blue, green, and orange. With close to 900,000 strong, independent and confident women followers and fans, Moonshine is a great camo seat cover for cars or trucks, while still having a great look that women enjoy. Some of their most popular colors include Muddy Girl, Serenity and Harvest Moon.
  4. Bonz is a Georgia-based company established around 2006 by Jerry Watts. The Bonz camo pattern is a very unique entry into the camo world. It features White Tail Deer Racks that are composed in a concealment fashion and are available in both regular Bonz and Bonz Sport. It is popular in Colorado, Michigan, Texas and Wisconsin.

Why Our Camo Seat Covers Beat the Competition

Custom-Made for the Perfect Fit

Our Camo series is custom-made for your specific make and model of car, truck, or SUV, so you will always have a seat cover that fits like a glove. Our products won’t bunch up when you get in and out of your vehicle, are easy to install, and they’ll always fit like the originals.


We put all of our seat covers through the Wyzenbeek test also known as the double rub test. This is a durability test that measures a piece of automotive fabric’s ability not to wear down. Our materials can handle 250,000 double rubs before they show signs of wear, meaning they’ll continue to look new for a long time.

UV Protection

We include a Grade 3.5 UV light protective coating that is designed to last up to (200 hours) before the fabric starts to fade, meaning it’ll hold up against powerful sunlight. For comparison, Grade 1 coatings leave fabric feeling very natural, but the color black would turn brown in one year. Grade 5 coating does a very good job for protection but, makes the fabric quite stiff.

Flammability & Safety

While our camo seat covers look great, you’ll never have to sacrifice safety in your vehicle. Our fabrics have a flame retardant FR coating that prevents our seat covers from catching fire, and all of our seat covers are custom-made to be side airbag compatible. Depending on the style of fabric they’ll pass either the FMVSS302 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) or CPAI 84 Sections 5 and 6.


Most of our fabrics offer high water repellency or are completely waterproof. This is particularly important for camo seat covers that are used during outdoor trips. You won’t have to worry about ruining the interior of your car when it rains.

HD Designs

Technology has really changed what we can do with fabrics, particularly with the camouflage fabrics we offer. Our fabrics really shine in HD because of the quality of the image when using heat transfer paper and the fact that we use durable 600 denier polyester fabrics. Realtree and Mossy Oak require as many as 10 screens to produce the camo seat cover patterns we all love.

The best camo seat covers for cars and trucks depends on your favorite style of camo. At Northwest Seat Covers, we offer multiple camo patterns and colors from your favorite brands that are all made from the highest quality 600 denier polyester with a durable, water-resistant coating.
Our camouflage seat covers are made for any type of car, truck, or SUV. While our camo truck seat covers tend to be more popular for outdoorsmen who hunt, fish, and camp, our camo car seat covers also provide great protection against spills, dirt, and grime in cars and SUVs for those who live life on the go.
While many people prefer the classic brown and green camouflage, our patterns come in a variety of colors, such as pink, purple, light green, and blue. You will find most of our color variations for Moonshine seat covers, but multiple patterns are also available for Bonz, Realtree, and Mossy Oak.
Camo seat covers are just as durable as our other materials despite being known throughout the industry as being more about the look than the quality. The materials are tested and built to last through 250,000 double-rubs before wearing out, UV ray resistant so the pattern won’t fade after long exposure to the sun, and are tested for airbag protection.
You can clean camo seat covers with a wet cloth or by removing the cover and running it through the washing machine. All of our covers are machine washable, but be sure to use ¼ of the soap and hang dry. For details, read our resource on how to clean seat covers.

Reviews: See What Our Customers Have to Say

Average rating: 298 reviews

  • Evelyne Gauthier
    Burlington, VT
    northwest seat covers verified reviews

    Well my husband and the boys installed them on the weekend and they look really good.

    Covers were easy enough to order - and I wanted to make sure I was getting a good quality product. Well my husband and the boys installed them on the weekend and they look really good.

  • Mike Wallingford
    Schenectady, NY
    northwest seat covers verified reviews

    They fit good and the materials seem pretty tough.

    I run the maintenance garage for the local school district and we ordered up atomic seat covers for 6 of our mantenance trucks. I can't complain, they fit good and the materials seem pretty tough.

  • John Sparks
    Portland, ME
    northwest seat covers verified reviews

    Great quality and really easy to wipe clean.

    It gets cool and damp up here, but the worst is the mud season in spring. It's unbelieveable how muddy things get, so this is my third truck and we can't live without a wipe-off solution and that's why we chose vinyl. Great quality and really easy to wipe clean.

  • Stan Wiltshire
    Columbus, OH
    northwest seat covers verified reviews

    Gotta love the fit and the look

    Six months I got some seat covers from north west and just intalled them about a week ago - gotta love the fit and the look - excellent job guys!