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Glove-like fit

NW Seat Covers are custom-made to fit the exact year, make, model, and seat style of your vehicle's front and rear seats for a smooth, contoured look.

Side-airbag Safety

Both the Custom-Fit and Form-Fit™ designs were safety tested in Michigan, USA. Do other brands have documentation to prove their covers are safe? View our Slow-Motion airbag videos for the performance results

Quality construction

High quality fabrics, thread, elastics, Velcro and zippers are important ingredients, but it always comes down to the team in our factory. Smart experienced machine operators with new automated technology; that's how you make award winning seat covers.


We proudly stand behind our workmanship and the quality of our materials offering a 2-year limited warranty on our seat covers.

Speed & free shipping

Manufacturing time is 3-5 days. Free Shipping USA and Canada for orders of $100 minimum. UPS Ground tracking provides delivery status updates of your seat covers. Learn more about delivery times to your area.

The Waterproof Seat Cover Challenge
Watch & Judge for Yourself

Pro-Gard™ Seat Covers - Cordura Fabric
  • 3 Level Waterproof Rating 15,000+mm
  • Premium Alternative to popular workwear brand
  • Guaranteed Fit by Cordura
Workwear Competitor - Cotton Duck Fabric
  • 2 Basic Levels of Waterproofing 5,000 mm estimate
  • Basic Canvas Style Seat Covers

Best-Selling Neo-Ultra™ Seat Covers

  • Custom fit guaranteed: Neo-Ultra™ installs beautifully and fits like a glove.
  • Waterproof: Neo-Ultra™ provides the cost-effectiveness of Neo-Supreme but with an added waterproof layer.
  • Quality Guaranteed: Dollar for dollar, Neo-Ultra™ is the best seat cover material in the neoprene family of fabrics, you can find.
  • Snag-Proof: Neo-Ultra™ provides the same contouring fit as both Neoprene & Neo-Supreme but with a revolutionary snag-proof weave.
  • No Smell: Neo-Ultra™ has the waterproofness of Neoprene without the smell of Neoprene.
New Neo-Ultra Custom Seat Covers from Northwest

Northwest Seat Covers offer a Hygienic Line
of Seating Protection

Northwest Seat Covers offer Hygienic Vinyl line
  1. Durability & Easy Maintenance: Our Automotive Grade Vinyl features a 3-Ply construction for durability and easy maintenance.
  2. Healthy Clean: The solid top surface of the fabric promotes a healthy clean seating surface.
  3. Wipe Clean: To help fight germs, simply spray soapy water on the seating surfaces, let sit for about 30 seconds and wipe clean.
  • Anti-UV
  • Easy To Clean
  • Heavy Duty
  • Machine Washable
  • WorkPro Serie
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Why you will choose us

Northwest Seat Covers has earned its reputation as one of the leading brands of seat covers by manufacturing a well-designed product. A large number of ideas come from your customer feedback. It's the inspiration that drives innovations in design and new product features. Facebook and Instagram can't take credit for that.

Industry Recognition

Northwest Seat Covers is an Award Winning line of seat covers that has been recognized by some of the largest retailers in North America. Whether it's nominations or wins for "Rookie of the Year", "Most Valuable Partner" or "Vendor of the Year" it's a true honor to be recognized by the aftermarket industry and our peers. Industry memberships include; SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association), NTEA (National Truck Equipment Association) and LTAA (Light Truck Accessory Alliance). We also have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ rating!

Seat covers for 500+ makes & models

Both our Custom-Fit and Form-Fit™ are from the same family, but with two distinct personalities.

1. Custom-Fit seat covers are designed to fit a specific vehicle. ($$$) This is a premium fitting seat cover where separate arm rests, head rests, console covers and map pockets are available. A custom-fit seat cover for a Ford F-150 will not fit a Chevy Silverado or Dodge Ram full-size truck. *This is an application specific car and truck seat cover with a "dressed to the nines" look.

2. Form-Fit™, is a Semi-Custom-Universal seat cover that is available in 3 sizes; Small, Medium and Large. ($$) More than 500 test fittings were required to develop the best universal seat cover we have ever seen or tested. For many of the models, "Proof-of-Fit" photos were taken as a guide to help us refine the fit during the prototyping phase. Our database matches the correct size of cover for each and every model of vehicle that was tested. It's a feisty semi-custom seat cover with plenty of character and a work hard attitude.

Northwest Seat Covers (NW) is the flagship premium brand of SCC Northwest Manufacturing Ltd. Form-Fit™ is a mid-range priced universal seat cover with a superior contour-hugging fit. These seat covers were developed to fit a full line of Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs and CUVs. With a heritage of patterns dating back to 1968, we're proud to offer seat covers for more than 500 makes and models.

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custom seat covers perfect fit car, truck, van or suv

Customer reviews

Average rating: 298 reviews

  • Maria Martinez
    El Paso, TX
    northwest seat covers verified reviews

    Saddle Blanket

    We have a number of pickups at the ranch and we bought a couple of sets of your saddle blanket seat covers. They look good and fit really nicely.

  • Carmella Sanchez
    Santa Rosa, CA
    northwest seat covers verified reviews


    I bought these as a gift for my boyfriend and had them installed while he was out. Haha - he loved the surprise and honestly they don't even look like seat covers - very happy.

  • Evelyne Gauthier
    Burlington, VT
    northwest seat covers verified reviews


    Covers were easy enough to order - and I wanted to make sure I was getting a good quality product. Well my husband and the boys installed them on the weekend and they look really good.

  • Mike Wallingford
    Schenectady, NY
    northwest seat covers verified reviews


    I run the maintenance garage for the local school district and we ordered up atomic seat covers for 6 of our mantenance trucks. I can't complain, they fit good and the materials seem pretty tough.