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  • 2X-High Water Resistance
  • Abrasion > 150k Double Rubs
  • Econo Version - Cordura 500D
  • Pet Friendly
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Atomic™ Seat Covers: Unleash the Power of Protection

When you're seeking 3 layers of exceptional defense for your polyester car seats, Atomic™ seat covers deliver the ultimate package with an emphasis on quality and added value.

Constructed from 600 Denier polyester fabric, these polyester seat covers are a breeze to clean, thanks to:

  • Durable Water Repellant (DWR) top coat
  • Polyurethane (PU) under coat—forming a 2-ply barrier of waterproof protection to safeguard your seats
  • Whether adorning leather or cloth seats, the laminated tricot backing of these polyester seat covers prevents color crocking and gently buffs leather seats.

In fact, they’re our preferred seat cover in the heavy duty series for pet owners because of how easy they are to clean. The heavy-duty polyester prevents dog hair from sticking to the seats allowing for a quick wipe down to clean without having to worry about missing a spot. We even make a specific Atomic dog seat cover for pet owners who need the ultimate protection for their pup.

With appealing fabric and colors that enhance any vehicle, Atomic™ has rapidly become a fan favorite.

Northwest Seat Covers introducing atomic Custom Seat Covers Learn more about Atomic vs Cordura Seat Covers

Fabric features

  • Anti-UV
  • Easy To Clean
  • Heavy Duty
  • Water Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • WorkPro Serie

NW Atomic Seat Covers guarantee you peace of mind with a 2 year warranty covering fit, workmanship, and normal wear. Encounter a worn section from normal use, material defect, or fitment issue? We'll replace it free of charge in 4 straightforward steps.

For more info, please visit our Warranty & Returns page.


Polyester 600 denier with Polyurethane waterproof coatings

Machine wash using HE liquid detergent in warm water on a gentle cycle. Hang dry or tumble dry at low temperature.

Note:  Polyester, being a man-made textile, is exceptionally easy to clean and maintain.

These polyester seat covers utilize a popular basket or oxford weave construction, globally appreciated for its durability and pliability. Although resistant to stains and fading, the corners of the woven fabric may trap dirt, requiring occasional cleaning.

To better provide you with the best instructions possible, we have included a series of video tutorials on our Youtube channel. You can also visit our Installation page and download our PDF Installation Guide


In order to help us provide you with the best customer service we can, please e-mail us a picture of any problems you are having. Any returns due to a fitting problem must have a photo of the problem area. For any kind of technical issue, please contact our Customer Service at 1-888-821-1066.

You can also take your vehicle (with the covers on) back to the place of purchase so they can take a photo and/or possibly solve your fitting issue on the spot.


In many models, headrest holes, power holes and/or latch holes are not cut. This is due to past trouble with properly aligning the covers once the holes were cut. In these cases, it was deemed better to cut the holes once the cover is properly aligned and installed.

To make these holes, simply install the cover, then cut a small "X" over the area where the hole needs to be. Then, in the case of a latch hole, lift the cover up and slide the latch through the hole.

This process ensures that the holes are placed in the correct spot every time!

Reviews: See What Our Customers Have to Say
  • northwest seat covers verified reviews
    Madison, WI
    Just got my new Tesla and wanted protection for the front seats, I chose the Atomic fabric. My boyfriend helped with the install - took about 1 hour, but they look really good!!
  • northwest seat covers verified reviews
    Schenectady, NY
    I run the maintenance garage for the local school district and we ordered up atomic seat covers for 6 of our mantenance trucks. I can't complain, they fit good and the materials seem pretty tough.
  • northwest seat covers verified reviews
    Nashville, TN
    Bought them for my 2020 Chevrolet Equinox and they fit perfect, the front seats are super easy. The back is more difficult as it's 60/40 bench, just follow the instruction. Strongly recommend go with premium package to cover everything. Worth the price.
  • northwest seat covers verified reviews
    Williston, ND
    Bought the Atomic seat covers and really like the fit and the feel of the fabric - Good quality and seems tough.
  • northwest seat covers verified reviews
    Vancouver, BC
    Vancouver Fire and Rescue has been getting seat covers from Northwest for more than 10 years - Great Product.
  • northwest seat covers verified reviews
    Denver, CO
    Great seat covers. Fit my tundra very well. Fabric feel strong & durable. I think this set of seat covers will last very long time. Price is okay