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CORDURA Seat Covers vs Carhartt Seat Covers
What's the Difference?

Carhartt® is a Premium Workwear brand that was established in Detroit, Michigan in 1889.

Covercraft® secured the licensing rights to use the Carhartt brand name and logo for a line of generic cotton duck and poly-cotton seat covers in 2013.

Carhartt seat covers have become a popular choice for automotive seating protection due to the popularity of the Carhartt clothing line.

In 1998, CORDURA & Carhartt started a collaboration to introduce CORDURA’s Advanced Durability and Fabric Technology to Carhartt’s “Extremes” line of Outerwear.

Almost 25 years later, the relationship is thriving as the Carhartt design team incorporates CORDURA’s Advanced Fabric Technology into their clothing lines.

CORDURA® is an Award Winning Line of Premium Textiles that was established by DuPont in 1929 and Officially became the CORDURA® brand in 1967.

Tested in the toughest military conditions for over 55 years, CORDURA has been regarded as the best material to take on life’s toughest challenges. It was originally developed to provide solutions for some of the toughest workplace environments, since then, the Cordura brand has earned worldwide recognition for its rugged durability, tear resistance and enhanced toughness for abrasion. It has become synonymous with combat soldiers and law enforcement as well as motorcycle garments, outdoor and workwear applications.

CORDURA® NYCO fabrics are designed to endure the toughest physical and environmental demands. The Cordura fibers provide the toughness, durability and abrasion resistance, while the cotton provides exceptional comfort. CORDURA® Dynamic Stretch adds extra flexibility for both the fit and installation without compromising durability. This is the reason we decided to manufacture a competitive version of the Carhartt Seat Covers. Our Pro-Gard Seat Covers are more comfortable, easier to install and they’re battalion tough!


Carhartt seat covers have a rough texture with only 2 layers of waterproof protection. Again, the fabric has no stretch, but should do a good job at protecting your seats. Cordura seat covers with the NYCO-3X™ Technology is designed to be an excellent alternative to regular cotton seat covers.

In the end, all customers will walk away as winners; with Carhartt you get a name that everyone knows and the basic performance value of the cotton seat covers. While Cordura seat covers, may not be as well known a brand to many people, but for those who appreciate the little differences that elevate one brand over another, you can find Cordura yarns in many of the big brand name products around the world, including Carhartt’s premium outerwear and workwear, unfortunately, just not in their seat covers. However, both are great but for different purposes.

CORDURA Seat Covers vs Carhartt Seat Covers - What's the Difference?

Cordura Seat Covers are made with Patented Cordura fabric technology. They’re some of the most Battle Tested Military Grade seat cover fabrics available! Carhartt Seat Covers are made with a Regular 10oz Cotton Duck fabric. When the Carhartt label is sewn to a cotton seat cover, it’s sold as a carhartt seat cover.

We understand that some customers are tried and true Carhartt fans with a full set of workwear that they’ve used for years.

However, other customers are looking for more than a basic cotton duck fabric to protect their seats.

We decided to manufacture a higher performance version of the Carhartt seat covers and the best way to do that was to partner with CORDURA.

After all, CORDURA® has a history of working with the folks at Carhartt to improve the technical performance of their workwear, so why not create an improved seat cover.

This is where CORDURA’s fabric technology offers customers an alternative for premium performance seat covers. Cordura yarns are used to make some the most advanced fabrics for Outerwear, Workwear and Military Apparel.

Some brands working with Cordura fabrics include; Fox Racing®, Crye Precision (MultiCam®), The North Face®, Eddie Bauer®, Dickies Pro™ and the U.S. Military etc.

New Pro-Gard Seat Covers with CORDURA® Advanced NYCO-3X™ Technology

  • Northwest is proud to introduce the All New Pro-Gard Seat Covers using CORDURA® - NYCO-3X™ fabric, which is a collaboration with the CORDURA® Team and various Textile Engineers. Northwest Seat Covers developed an Advanced Version of the Generic Cotton Duck fabric used by Covercraft® to make Carhartt Seat Covers.
  • The base technology is from the CORDURA® NYCO (Nylon/Cotton) fabric, but with Enhanced Durability, Abrasion Resistance, 3X-Waterproof Protection for original cloth or leather seats and a dynamic yarn that is more forgiving and produces a much better fitting seat cover that’s easier to install.

CORDURA® NYCO-3X™ 10oz (340gsm = 75% Cotton + 25% T420 CORDURA Nylon 6.6 Staple Fibers + CORDURA-Stretch 2% Elastane)

Carhartt Cotton Duck 10oz (330gsm = 100% Cotton)

The overall weight is similar, but the addition of Cordura’s T420 Nylon, the Cordura seat covers makes it 3X Stronger than 100% Cotton.

The Cordura-Stretch produces a Form-Fit that contours the shape of a seat much more effectively. As a result, it is also easier to install with an improved fit.

Waterproof Protection Abrasion Rating Denier Rating Seat Cover Delivery Times Pro-Gard™ vs. Competition

CORDURA Seat Covers = 3X (DWR + Waterproof Barrier + PU Coating)

Carhartt Seat Covers = 2X (DWR + PU Coating)

CORDURA Seat Covers = 250,000+ Double Rub Test Rating

Carhartt Seat Covers = 100,000+ Double Rub Test Rating

Based on the ISO 12947-2:2017 - Martindale Abrasion Test

CORDURA Seat Covers are made with a Heavy Weight 550 Denier Cotton & 500 Denier Cordura Nylon.

Carhartt Seat Covers are made with a Medium Weight Fabric (Approx. 500 Denier)

Pro-Gard Seat Covers with Cordura NYCO-3X = 1 week Production + 1 week FREE UPS Delivery

Carhartt Seat Covers with Cotton Duck = Longer Production and Delivery

SeatSaver Seat Covers with a Poly-Cotton Blend = Longer Production and Delivery

Pro-Gard™ - CORDURA® NYCO fabric with Cotton (74%) + Nylon 6.6 (24%) + Dynamic Yarn (2%) for a Great Fit.
Comfortable Cotton, Soft to Touch, Military Grade 6.6 Nylon Blend for 3X Abrasion Performance & Triple Waterproof Rating!

Competition - Generic Poly-Cotton & 100% Cotton Duck fabric with a Single DWR Water Resistant Coating.
Rough to Touch, Less Durable & OK fit.

Pro-Gard™ Seat Covers | Designed to Outperform the Competition”