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What makes us different

1. Safety

We care about our customers and safety is our No. 1 priority. That’s why we’ve put it to the test by the experts at the MGA Research Corporation, who’ve approved of our seat covers for safety. In the unfortunate event of an accident, you can rest assured in the proper deployment of your vehicle’s side airbag system.

Watch the video of our seat covers working in action (provided by MGA Research). You can also download the report from MGA on the test results of our seat covers that was conducted in Troy, MI (December 2012)

2. Quality

From our fabrics to our manufacturing process, we keep quality in mind every step of the way.

A. Our fabrics

  • Durable: People rub the fabric when they get into their seats. All our fabrics exceed the minimum limits for both the Martindale and Wyzenbeck double rub tests. That means you can get in and out of your seat over 250,000 times and still not see any signs of wear and tear.
  • UV fade-resistant: 3.5 grade means you'd have to expose your car to more than 300 hours of strong, direct sunlight before seeing any signs of fading.
  • Water-resistant
  • Fire Retardant (FMVSS 302, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards compliant)
  • Heavy Duty

In fact, our seat covers are so durable, they can last up to 5-10 years (yes, we know, we’re we shooting ourselves in the foot by making products that last so long)! But we thrive on word-of-mouth referrals that we receive from customers to their friends and families, because our products are just so darn good!

NW Seat Covers uses water-resistant fabrics

B. Quality construction

Northwest seat covers are carefully hand-stitched by sewers
Northwest seat covers are quality-constructed seat covers made in North America

Our seat covers are carefully hand-stitched by our sewers in our manufacturing plant in Vancouver, BC. Not only are you getting a quality-constructed seat cover, but by buying from Northwest Seat Covers, you’re supporting and strengthening the North American economy, which is good for everyone.

3. Selection

Northwest Seat Covers cater to a full line of cars and trucks, going as far back as 1968!

A. Over 500 makes / models

We cater to a full line of cars and trucks, going as far back as 1968!

But seat covers aren’t meant only to serve and protect… they can also add some style and pizazz to your vehicle.

Northwest Seat Covers offer over 40 types of fabrics in various colors, textures and patterns

B. 40+ fabrics and counting!

We offer over 40 types of fabrics in various colors, textures and patterns, from the more classic Original Equipment (OE) to the outdoor camouflage series, thanks to our specialty licenses with Muddy Girl™, Realtree™, Mossy Oak™, Bonz™, etc.

Designer Seat Covers made by Northwest

C. Designer series

Traditionally, our seat covers have appealed largely to a male audience, but with the recent popularity of our Muddy Girl™ seat covers, we’re currently building a line of designer seat covers that go beyond our traditional colour palette and camoflage patterns.

Starting with our very first design, "The Sailor", in our first Nautical Series, released in May 2015. Lots more designs are in the works that will appeal to women with different tastes.