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Product Descriptions

OEM™ seat covers are made of factory quality fabrics which look a lot like the original.

Our current series of fabrics is inspired by the Chevy Silverado ad GMC Sierra.
The durability wear rating exceeds 100,000+ double rubs and that’s a rating that F-150, Ram, Tundra, Tacoma and Titan owners can respect.
The colors were selected by creating a composite profile of the most popular interior colors of vehicles.

OEM™ Series Covers really do provide unparalleled value for people who want solid benchmark quality protection.

The O.E.M. Series features a durable 600 Denier accent fabric with an automotive style fabric for the insert section. The 600 denier polyester is highly water resistant and has a high abrasion rating making it really tough when sliding in and out of your vehicle. The tops seating surface is foam backed providing additional cushioning for added comfort. They blend discreetly with your vehicle’s current interior for a nice factory style look. They also provide exceptional seating protection with the benefits of easy washing and drying. If you want a factory style look and performance then get the OE Series - Cloth Seat Covers.

Fabric features

  • Anti-UV
  • Easy To Clean
  • Heavy Duty
  • Machine Washable
  • OE Serie
  • Water Resistant


NW OEM Seat Covers come with a 2 year warranty for fit, workmanship and normal wear. We will replace any sections that have worn due to normal use, a material defect or a fitment problem, free of charge in 4 easy steps.

For more info, please visit our Warranty & Returns page.

Care & Cleaning


Polyester with laminated polyurethane (PU) foam and scrim backing

Machine wash with an HE liquid detergent in warm water and on gentle cycle. The textile manufacturers recommend hang drying or fluff drying.

Note:  Do not tumble dry on any warm temperature settings because the higher temperatures will reduce the moisture of the open cell foam walls, causing them to collapse and turn to foam dust over time. This is true for any foam backed set of covers.

Our OE Series of fabrics are made of a polyester knit construction. The fabric is designed to resist staining but, if you want to add additional protection then treat your seat covers with Scotchgard before installing them. This is the same type of treatment your factory seats receive before picking up your new vehicle from the dealership.


To better provide you with the best instructions possible, we have included a series of video tutorials on our Youtube channel. You can also visit our Installation page and download our PDF Installation Guide


In order to help us provide you with the best customer service we can, please e-mail us a digital picture of any problems you are having. This has shown to be an easy and valuable trouble shooting system for our customer service team. Also note that any returns due to a fitting problem must be preceded by a digital photo of the problem area. For any kind of technical issue, please contact our Customer Service at 1-888-821-1066.

If you don’t have a digital camera, please take your vehicle (with the covers on) back to the place of purchase so they can take a photo and/or possibly solve your fitting issue on the spot.


In many models, headrest holes, power holes and/or latch holes are not cut. This is due to past trouble with properly aligning the covers once the holes were cut. In these cases, it was deemed better to cut the holes once the cover is properly aligned and installed.

To make these holes, simply install the cover, then cut a small "X" cut over the area where the hole needs to be. Then, in the case of a latch hole, lift the cover up and slide the latch through the hole.

This process ensures that the holes are placed in correct spot every time!

Reviews: See What Our Customers Have to Say
  • northwest seat covers verified reviews
    Winnipeg, MB
    Meh, for what I paid I expected better,not impressed
  • northwest seat covers verified reviews
    Brainerd, MN
    Practical, durable and fit great!
  • northwest seat covers verified reviews
    Fort Wayne, IN
    great product, great service, they stand behind what they produce!
  • northwest seat covers verified reviews
    Kingman, AZ
    First I'll say the handling of my order and refund were prompt and professional. I placed my order for OEM Tan seat covers prior to June 1st for my 06 F-150 XLT. I did this after a friend of mine recommended it and after verifying that you did in fact carry the OEM color and style. I received the first batch and right away I could see the color was not right. I checked the packaging and part of the order were packaged as Tan, but were Gray, and the other was clearly package Gray as indicated by the bag. Now I had already discussed and understood that I fully expected to be able to see the difference between the new tan and the old, I got that, however, there is a clear difference between OEM TAN, and OEM GRAY! A very big difference in contrast altogether and not just a difference between a new and a weathered (faded) and expected in Arizona. Many would say, but it's a 14 year old truck and I agree, but it still looks almost as good as the day I bought it brand new and was to be a college graduation gift to my youngest son and wanted it to look nice. Many know how that is, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Anyway, in the meantime the replacement (second order) came in and it was nearly the same thing except that all the covers were packaged as Gray and were in fact Gray! For the first order, okay, maybe someone was color blind but then the other order came and it was obvious (especially when I saw what was written as reason for refund) that I was expected to be completely satisfied with the totally off color order and drive around with a mismatched interior! Well, I can't roll like that so I'll be looking for a company who's willing to fill "MY ORDER AND EXPECTATIONS" and not "THEIRS"!!
  • northwest seat covers verified reviews
    Lexington, KY
    Received the seat cover but didn't realize that it would cover up the rear facing map-pockets of my front seats. Called them and they explained that there were options to tailor on map pockets, but overall the return process was prompt and courteous. 10/10 would recommend.
  • northwest seat covers verified reviews
    Surrey, BC
    I installed my own seat covers and am extremely pleased how well they fit, no sags or baggy sections and they look like factory covers! Very happy, I highly recommend these seat covers!!!! Don't bother shopping "around", these are first choice!