Production = 5-7 jours pour la fabrication. Livraison = 3-6 jours

Neo-Ultra – The Next Generation of Neoprene

We are excited to announce the awaited addition of Neo-Ultra to Northwest Seat Cover’s product line of custom-fit seat covers. Northwest is a leading manufacturer of custom-fit seat covers for Trucks, Car, Jeep's and SUV's.

Why Neo-Ultra™ custom-fit seat covers outshine Neoprene and Neosupreme Seat Cover Materials?

Neoprene loyalists and stalwart advocates of Neosupreme fabric weigh the pros and cons of features like promised durability, waterproof integrity, sporty style and cost. But there is another solution for seat cover material that conjoins the best of both worlds. To understand what Neo-Ultra™ seat covers deliver, it may help to have some background information.

Neoprene, Neosupreme and Neo-Ultra™

Neoprene is the brand name for polychloroprene, a synthetic rubber. The origin of the name can be traced back to the chemistry research team of the company credited for its invention in 1930. The company was DuPont, previously named Duprene. Resistance to water, oil, solvents and heat propelled the application of Neoprene for the production of tires and other vehicle parts as well as athletic gear and outerwear. Neosupreme was designed as an alternative to Neoprene, offering a similar composition conflated with polyester. The result was a more cost-effective product albeit with water resistant versus waterproof capacity. Neo-Ultra™ seat covers add another layer of genius to these discoveries.

Neo-Ultra™ seat covers are designed with the same tailored approach as Neoprene and Neosupreme but with an enhanced design that includes these salient features:

Neo-Ultra™ custom-fit seat covers are available in solid and contrasting colours of black, charcoal and silver. Following is an outline of the reasons this product is so popular:


Neo-Ultra™ custom-fit seat covers are available for most Trucks, SUV’s and Cars throughout the United States and Canada. Shipping is free with purchases over $100. Production time typically ranges from five to seven days. The covers should ship and deliver within three to six days.

Seat cover solution

Neo-Ultra™ fabric protects the vehicle's interior, accommodates children and pets, and equips sports enthusiasts with built-in damage control. Debris does not become embedded in car seats. If you are looking for the ultimate custom-fit seat covers for your car seats with singular features that adapt to your lifestyle, Neo-Ultra custom-fit seat covers may be the answer.