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NW Seat Covers

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Fishouflage® seat covers are the newest addition to the series of outdoors camouflage patterns.
Anglers who enjoy their weekend catching Bass, Walleye or Crappie can now express their passion about sport fishing in a new way.
Our Bass Seat Covers are the best-selling seat accessories for cars and trucks.
Made of 600 Denier Polyester, it features dual waterproof protection that is designed to keep your seats nice and dry.
When you want to clean them, you can easily wipe them with up or wash in low temperature water, with mild detergent and air dry.

Bass™ seat covers pay homage to all anglers who are Bass Pros or amateurs alike.
Whether it’s a weekend tournament or fun with family or friends, the Bass camo pattern is a reminder of good times.
Personalizing your vehicle with seating fabric of your choice and spice up a boring factory interior.
Made of 600 Denier Polyester, it features dual waterproof protection that is designed to keep your seats nice and dry.

Walleye™ seat covers remind us of good times when we were a kid or now with family and friends.
Spring and summer by the lake or the river and dropping your line with your favorite colorful lure hoping to catch one for lunch; great memories.
Protecting your seats from spills doesn’t have to be boring; brighten up you seats with our fun walleye seat covers.
Made of 600 Denier Polyester, it features dual waterproof protection that is designed to keep your seats nice and dry.

Crappie™ seat covers are about time by the lake and dropping your line with that red and white fishing bobber with a night crawler as bait.
Remember how they put up a good little fight and then the taste straight out of the pan with simply butter and salt and pepper?
Whether we call them crappie or perch, it was always a thrill getting one on the line. Northwest seat covers will protect your seat with a lifestyle pattern you can relate to.
Made of 600 Denier Polyester, it features dual waterproof protection that is designed to keep your seats nice and dry.

NW Seat Covers come with a 2 year warranty for fit, workmanship and normal wear. We will replace any sections that have worn due to normal use, a material defect or a fitment problem, free of charge in 4 easy steps.

For more info, please visit our Warranty & Returns page.


Polyester 600 denier with Polyurethane waterproof coatings

Machine wash with an HE liquid detergent in warm water on gentle cycle. Hang dry or low temperature tumble dry.

Note: Polyester is a man-made textile which is really easy to clean and care for.

Whether you call it a basket or oxford weave, it is still one of the most popular fabric constructions in the world. It may be basic but, it is both durable and pliable; just the type of fabric you want for custom seat covers. Polyester is very resistant to stains and fading but, bits of dirt do get caught in the corners of the woven fabric and that's what really needs cleaning.

To better provide you with the best instructions possible, we have included a series of video tutorials on our Youtube channel. You can also visit our Installation page and download our PDF Installation Guide


In order to help us provide you with the best customer service we can, please e-mail us a digital picture of any problems you are having. This has shown to be an easy and valuable trouble shooting system for our customer service team. Also note that any returns due to a fitting problem must be preceded by a digital photo of the problem area. For any kind of technical issue, please contact our Customer Service at 1-888-821-1066.

If you don’t have a digital camera, please take your vehicle (with the covers on) back to the place of purchase so they can take a photo and/or possibly solve your fitting issue on the spot.


In many models, headrest holes, power holes and/or latch holes are not cut. This is due to past trouble with properly aligning the covers once the holes were cut. In these cases, it was deemed better to cut the holes once the cover is properly aligned and installed.

To make these holes, simply install the cover, then cut a small "X" cut over the area where the hole needs to be. Then, in the case of a latch hole, lift the cover up and slide the latch through the hole.

This process ensures that the holes are placed in correct spot every time!